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Dollar exchange rate 11:00 (UTC+3) 18.01.2022г19.01.2022

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1Австралийский доллар = 0.7195 $ AUD: 1 $ =1.3899AUD
100Армянских драмов = 0.2078 $ AMD: 1 $ =481.3002AMD
1Белорусский рубль = 0.3869 $ BYN: 1 $ =2.5848BYN
1Russian ruble = 0.0131 $RUB: 1 $ =76.3347RUB
1Евро = 1.1400 $ EUR: 1 $ =0.8772EUR
100Казахстанских тенге = 0.2295 $ KZT: 1 $ =435.7003KZT
1Канадский доллар = 0.7995 $ CAD: 1 $ =1.2508CAD
100Киргизских сомов = 1.1791 $ KGS: 1 $ =84.8072KGS
1Китайский юань = 0.1574 $ CNY: 1 $ =6.3517CNY
10Молдавских леев = 0.5540 $ MDL: 1 $ =18.0500MDL
10Таджикских сомони = 0.8853 $ TJS: 1 $ =11.2950TJS
1Новый туркменский манат = 0.2861 $ TMT: 1 $ =3.4950TMT
10000Узбекских сумов = 0.9225 $ UZS: 1 $ =10,839.9638UZS
10Украинских гривен = 0.3523 $ UAH: 1 $ =28.3838UAH
1Швейцарский франк = 1.0939 $ CHF: 1 $ =0.9142CHF
dollar 3 day ago 15.01.2022

Dollar rate in crisis

In the economic crisis, the eyes of capitalists turn to the dollar. The dollar is in demand and maintained at this time, it is very similar to gold on dynamics, and the dollar rate in the crisis is foreseen in price..

Special place in investment and savings is gold. It was believed that gold would never let. However, the reliability of gold and the dollar in crisis times leads to high demand, which leads to inflatable price of gold and dollar.   


Dollar exchange and other currencies

Many countries tied the course of their currency to the dollar, the course of which is controlled by the market. Binding allows not to spend a lot of strength on currency stability relative Course dollar. Often the correction of the course of such a national currency is, but small.

To track at the rally dollar USA can be examined by the euro rate to the dollar for different periods of time. As well as the dynamics of his course, see the dollar index schedule - dollar rate relative to the basket  world currencies.

Like all other currencies, the dollar is inflation, usually a few percent per year. So, invested in the dollar what-Five years ago, the holders of this currency still significantly lose capital. Maintain and multiply the capital whole science and as the real dollar rate smoothly fell and always will fall, investors use other tools, such as promotions, bonds, futures and options. However, these tools require knowledge and experience, working with them is often risky, which encourages investors often work with a dollar course.


Most countries adhere to the floating rate of the currency. Courses form bidding on the currency exchange on the dollar to National currency and forex. All dynamics Course dollar and market relations are related to the affect of trading, conditions such as interest rate, import / export.

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