EUR/RUB, Euro course 10.01.2022

Euro 10.01.2022 CB

dollar course
Dollar rate to rubleDollar rate to ruble for today: Speaker schedule from Forex market for the week and for the month.
Dollar exchange rateCurrency graphics to dollar: Dynamics of the dollar rate to the ruble and euro to the dollar. Archive Currency Currency Central Bank.
Ruble s exchange rateRuble s exchange rate to dollar, euro, Belarusian ruble, hryvnia, pound, yuan and other currencies, central bank. Dynamics of the ruble to the euro and the dollar -USD/RUB и EUR/RUB.
Currency coursesCurrency courses for today and tomorrow, as well as the history of the exchange rates of the Central Bank for 10 years. Dynamics of dollar and euros to the ruble on the schedule from the Forex market.

Today Wednesday, 19 January, 2022 year


Forecast euro rub (on tekhaniz)

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Courses ruble 31.12.2021 CB

1AUD - 53.91 р1Australia dollar exchange rate 53,9141 ruble
1AZN - 43.73 р1Азербайджанский манат 43,7273 ruble
1GBP - 100.06 р1Фунт стерлингов Соединенного королевства 100,0573 ruble
100AMD - 15.52 р100Армянских драмов 15,5164 ruble
1BYN - 29.15 р1Белорусский рубль 29,1458 ruble
10HKD - 95.26 р10Гонконгских долларов 95,2640 ruble
1USD - 74.29 р1Dollar exchange rate 74,2926 ruble
1EUR - 84.07 р1Euro 84,0695 ruble
100KZT - 16.90 р100Казахстанских тенге 16,9000 ruble
1CAD - 58.02 р1Канадский доллар 58,0230 ruble
100KGS - 87.59 р100Киргизских сомов 87,5906 ruble
1CNY - 11.65 р1Китайский юань 11,6503 ruble
10MDL - 41.86 р10Молдавских леев 41,8550 ruble
1PLN - 18.30 р1Польский злотый 18,2960 ruble
1XDR - 103.98 р1СДР (специальные права заимствования) 103,9792 ruble
1SGD - 54.89 р1Сингапурский доллар 54,8852 ruble
10TJS - 65.80 р10Таджикских сомони 65,8039 ruble
10TRY - 57.84 р10Турецких лир 57,8432 ruble
1TMT - 21.26 р1Новый туркменский манат 21,2568 ruble
10000UZS - 68.55 р10000Узбекских сумов 68,5504 ruble
10UAH - 27.26 р10Украинских гривен 27,2584 ruble
10CZK - 33.72 р10Чешских крон 33,7234 ruble
1CHF - 80.94 р1Швейцарский франк 80,9376 ruble
100JPY - 64.51 р100Японских иен 64,5097 ruble


Euro rate to the ruble Central Bank

Euro rate to the ruble Central Bank
Schedule of the euro courses to the ruble Central Bank

Euro rate to ruble market

Update the schedule of the ruble exchange rate to the euro at this moment
Euro ruble exchange rate
Schedule Course Dynamics to Rule. Cry - Euro per month

Euro rate to ruble


* Euro Forex market courses - The most accurate, the most recent courses, change constantly, many times a minute, around the clock on weekdays. It is often indicated only by the average value between buying and selling or the last transaction rate, the time of transaction in the market. On different sites and from different sources, the ruble market is slightly different. These euro courses are suitable for use in most cases.

** Euro Course Central Bank, official. Issuance of the Central Bank (State Reporting, Accounting and Accounting) and etc. Often laid in ruble courses informers on sites. Used concept - "Euro Euro today".

*** Market euro courses for forex to the dollar - It is also the last courses at the current moment, very often change in bidding on working days.. It is often indicated only by the mean value between buying and selling or the last transaction rate.. These euro courses are the most accurate moment.:


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