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What will happen to the dollar.

Is it worth selling ruble? In which currencies keep their savings and how many of them in rub? How to save your money? Sharp drop of ruble

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What s with a ruble? Russian ruble falls like never - collapsed more than 10%For record short time. Such a sharp drop in currency was observed except in the pre-crisis times.
Let s figure it out. Often after a strong movement occurs rebound, and the price is returned at least half of the movement. But even more often the price still continues to move on, but not so accelerated. What then will be with the ruble? The fall will continue, but not as much as in the last days?

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What will happen to the dollar. Ruble and Oil

Russian ruble fell together with the fall on oil during 18 months and reached record highs in history. On the fall of the ruble rate in relation to the dollar influenced Western sanctions due to instability in Ukraine. Approximately the ruble fell and in relation to the euro, even an anecdote appeared that some exchange offices had not enough space for the tables to the scoreboard, which exceeded the mark in 100 rub. It is believed that it was a peak of falling not only ruble, but also the Russian economy as a whole. At the same time, the leadership of the country and the Central Bank stated that everything under control and enough forces and means to keep the ruble exchange rate from crashing and to the collapse in the financial sector of the country far. The price of oil at that time fell below his 12 Summer minima. During this time, the ruble lost in weight more 12 percent. The situation was very similar to the one that was in 2014 year when the ruble dropped sharply to 80 rub per dollar and 100 rub for Euro. However, this time no panic is observed. Pretty calm ruble moves after oil and also makes a rebound with her. The ruble is close to its fundamental level, and the Central Bank does not see the threats for financial stability in Russia.

As the Central Bank interferes in the dollar rate to the ruble, interest rates

However, strong Intervention in the ruble from the central bank did not occur and the funds were not spent on supporting his course. In this decision, the Central Bank and other banks of the country are supported, which also assumed that the ruble intervention is not required and the dynamics as a whole depends on the price of oil. As well as it was decided not to change interest rates. The right thing was confirmed somewhat later, when the price of oil reached the bottom and turned around, at the same time, and the ruble sharply showed positive results in the price dynamics in relation to the dollar and the euro. The fall of the ruble was to a greater degreely depending on the country reasons, where everything solved the price of oil and the only thing that could be done soothe markets by political methods. All this happened against the background of global recalculation of the situation in the oil market and its extreme low price..

Oil, ruble, our pocket and budget

The country s government has already announced that such a strong fall in oil prices will require significantly reduce costs from the country s budget.. The media is recommended not to sow panic about the crisis and fall of the ruble exchange rate.
Most likely the fall in the ruble and oil will affect the elections to the legislative bodies of the country. The International Monetary Fund lowered its forecast in Russia, stating that the country s economy will decrease on 1 percentage this year. The IMF warned that the slowdown in Chinese growth, the strengthening of the US dollar and the fall in oil prices - devastation in the economy of Russia.

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What will happen to the dollar, will he fall? Ruble and Oil

At the same time we see Drop price oil - Dynamics. What is it? New wave crisis? Well, look at state of economics - Exchange global indexeswhere the Russian RTS index continues to move down against the background of the fact that European and American indices continue strong movement up. However, quite recently, the West made a tangible clock down - Also negative signal. A negative signal for the global market has always been accompanied by a strengthening of the dollar.

Why did the ruble collapsed?

Return to the ruble collapse. As you know, the ruble is prepared for free swimming. It is assumed that the Central Bank will cease to fully maintain the ruble. At the moment, the ruble is insured against a sharp movement, from hyperinflation, from sharp jumps. Therefore, rumors about the transition of the ruble to a new level use financiers.

How to save your money?

How in such cases, the funds come with the ruble? They regulate the currency basket, reducing the percentage of the ruble share in the troubled time and keeping global currencies in it. - dollar, euro, pound, yen, yuan. And yet they do not advise the population for the land of the ruble and buying foreign currency.

More reasons for the collapse of the ruble

Yes, but what happened in recent days? More and more often heard about the attack on the ruble. What an attack and who is beneficial when market interests are sold by external influences?

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What will happen to the ruble?

If you look at the situation soberly, then you can see how often the robust movements at the price of the currency do not correspond to the real value of the ruble. To support the ruble from the Central Bank enough funds. The Central Bank can calmly move or bring free fall, and oil will be even more in demand and its price will inevitably go up. On the side of the ruble, there are enough factors that restrain the ruble from the full fall.

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Oil and ruble

Low prices for oil complicated the ability of the government to fulfill their social spending obligations, while the fall of the ruble rate to the dollar limits Russians in the purchases of imported products and goods.

The government will strive to fulfill its social obligations and what will have " Significantly cut " other expenses .

The prospects of the Russian economy are closed and the International Monetary Fund lowered its forecast in Russia, declaring that the country s economy will decrease on 1 percentage this year . The Russian market is currently highly dependent on global sentiment in world markets, which do not yet instill hope for a quick recovery.. And also aggravated the crisis sharply limited external borrowing of the country due to US and European sanctions on the occasion of war in Ukraine and the economic sanctions of Moscow against Turkey because of the Russian bombarder on the Syrian border in November . Western media claim that the Russians in the crisis began to save more on food purchases, although who they said) and we used to make purchases without waving chib.

Effect of oil on the ruble

Russian ruble gave a new round of fall Against the background of an incessant drop in oil prices, as investors fear that the fall in oil futures will hit the ruble, and that it is not expected to reduce the influence of oil on the Russian economy. Ruble fell like a script 2014 of the year when the market strongly alarmed investors by the chaotic movement of the dynamics of the ruble. However, this time there were no chaos in the markets, despite the confident decrease in the ruble. And although many traders have already put on the collapse of the ruble, their forecasts were not justified and the ruble touching the bottom suspended its fall, following the turn of the price of oil. The risk of hyperinflation remained behind, but there are still many problems associated with extremely low oil prices. And yet it seems that the ruble and this time it endured the attack and with weak confidence will still remain afloat. Did not even have to lower the interest rate, as was done in 2014 year to weaken the impact of the economic downturn, but the prospects of the economy still remain quite vague and it all depends on the speedy rise in oil prices, which will certainly go up, but no one knows when. Central Bank refrains from the solution to influence the ruble exchange rate, in order to delay his fall, motivating this by the fact that the dynamics of the ruble corresponds to the global economic situation and the dynamics of oil prices from which the ruble and depends. At the same time, the general state of world markets is still negative, and the price drawdown is especially observed in the world s stock markets in general..

Dynamics of prices for oil and stock markets

Prices for oil noticeably approached the extremely low levels of crisis 2003 years, and pushed out in the positive side, which was very predictable. Sberbank s shares have fallen sharply, as well as the RTS index fell sharply, and a MICEX index asked noticeably, the bond market has stiffed. Gazprom s shares also went down, as this company is also influenced by oil prices, but Gazprom s general business go well and he successfully expands markets in the European direction. On oil prices, the expanded developments of oil fields in the United States, excessive accumulation in repositories and the slowdown in the development of the Chinese economy, as the main consumer of imported oil.

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