Price Gas.. Dependence of the ruble exchange rate from gas

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Gas price schedule Brent in rub. View Brent Gas Course Dynamics. Dollar rate to ruble. Ruble vs gas, rate dynamics prices. Dependence of the ruble exchange rate from gas

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Price Gas.. Dependence of the ruble exchange rate from gas

Today Wednesday, 19 January, 2022 year

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Dependence of the ruble exchange rate from gas

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What will happen to gas price?

The ruble exchange rate stopped falling along with suspension Drop price gas. Previously, the ruble fell to the lowest level in the history and reached 86 rub in relation to the dollar, having received a strong pressure from low gas prices. It is believed that this is the lowest level since the financial crisis. 1998 of the year. Russia - One of the world s largest gas suppliers, so the ruble is strongly dependent on gas prices. Together with the fall of gas prices, currency reserves of the country are reduced.

Fall price Gaza

gas so rapidly fell in price. The very bottom of the dynamics of courses falls at the time of removal of sanctions with Iran. The price of gas fell and the lowest price for 13 years. At the same time, half of the budget of Russia is replenished from gas and most likely the financing of many areas will be limited..

Gas dictates economic policies

Falling income from gas only stimulate the country to take up the case. As a result of special measures, pressure from Strong fall of gas accepted the federal budget and went to a lesser extent to Russian companies.
In the present days, the Central Bank does not actively interfere with the ruble rate, as before. What happens really? It is assumed that the Central Bank will not restrain the ruble number actively until it threatens the country s economic stability and does not support the ruble from the end 2014 г. It was stated that the Central Bank would interfere only if there are risks for financial stability.

Schedule, gas Price 19.01.22

Price for Gas.: Where already below

Previously, gas was in Flat, when there is no special growth, no fall. You can not doubt the huge budget deficit, devaluation and inflation, but Russia is not an ordinary country, it s like winter to survive… Common for the year, the Russian economy did not fall too much, but also did not grow.
The Central Bank of Russia warned that the country s economy can continue to decline this year after falling 3,8 percent last year if gas prices will not be restored.

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Forecasts for the price of gas and the Rubble

It seems that the gas drop has not ended, that this is a temporary slowdown.. According to the price and the price of gas production is clear that the price of gas, pressed down all the more weakly and the strength of her pressed was excessively exhausted, but she was not able to shoot up.
It would be safe to put on an increase in gas prices if it were not for the active interest of some of the Western forces, so that the Gaza Gaza does not happen. But here is a sharp increase, take off the price for some distance from the bottom no one to hold.
It is believed that if the gas falls and delays, the ruble exchange rate for the dollar will reach a mark in 92 - 94 rub. It is assumed that the price of gas and the ruble exchange rate will spin all year a little higher or the gas next year will still make a jerk up.

Pluses of falling gas prices

Though together with the fall in gas prices, we all become poorer, there are also positive points in the gas drop.
The government lowered its forecast of the economy for this year..
The fall in gas prices and budget deficit stimulates the development of other sectors of the economy and the internal production of goods for the public and business. Together with the devaluation, the production of goods becomes more profitable and competitive, there are more opportunities for export, a noticeable decrease in imports.

Price Gas.. Dependence of the ruble exchange rate from gas

Gas and crisis in Russia

The most difficult time crisis has passed when the country had to rigorously save. Well, the crisis in a new one passes much softer than previous ones, does not compare with the crises of the beginning of the century or last century.
And yet a huge budget deficit - Not a toy, of course there will be a shortage before restoring the normal gas price. Normal because the current price is undoubtedly too low. But as Great traders say, there are no lower prices. As the story shows, tomorrow the price of gas can turn around and crawl into any side and crawling there for how long the people and experts of the forecast are surprised for a long time..
All Russian ministries had to submit their proposals to reduce their expenses to reduce 500 billion. rub of government spending.

Ruble exchange rate against the dollar on the background of gas

The ruble is also under pressure from economic sanctions that the West imposed Russia for participating in the crisis of Ukraine.
Because of such a low gas prices and economic sanctions against Russia, currency reserves of the country were the smallest for 5 years.
Despite all measures, the ruble weakened and previously crossed the mark 86 rub for the US dollar, but did a rollback and strengthened against the background of gas prices. I would like to recall that in the event of a fall in the currency, the country s population becomes poorer, and the economy is more riding. It is noticed that the ruble fell somewhat less than the price of gas and this is a good sign for the country s economy.
Some panic was observed in the Russian markets during the peak of falls, and the Russian RTS stock indices were falling, MICEX and prices for shares of Russian companies, especially related to mining and processing of gas.
Many purchased euro and dollars in several large volumes than usual. However, it was before, because the ruble usually did not make up most of the currency basket to preserve and multiply capital.
The weakness of the ruble carries inflation risks that can limit the ability to mitigate-credit policies necessary to limit the economic recession. Because of reducing the ruble exchange rate, consumer prices will grow. The central bank has identified a key rate by conducting a regular meeting of the Board of Directors.

Price schedule Gaza. Brent. As a ruble depends on gas. Dynamics of Gaza Brent per rub. Price schedule Gaza. Brent for dollars Online 19.01.22

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Gas price forecast

gas is one of three products whose pricing is on a par with a dollar and gold on the regulation of the entire global economy. To date, the cheapest is the cost of gas production in the countries of the Persian Gulf, and the highest cost is characterized by mining gas underground and under water, as it requires expensive equipment. In cases where the world has exacerbations of political and economic situations, hydrocarbon prices are usually exposed to natural growth.. In order to stabilize prices, countries-Gas exporters began to combine and jointly settle prices. To date, there are several opinions as to what is the forecast for gas prices by the end of this year..

Some experts agree that gas cost will falland lead to this a few facts. First of all, they suggest that after removing economic sanctions with Iran, the volume of the gas produced gas will begin to grow. In addition, today the so-called non-traditional gas of Canada, USA and Venezuela is represented on the market.. At the same time, on the part of foreign experts and analysts, threats have increasingly began to appear, but everything is not so unequivocal. The most likely a forecast in which the price of the barrel gas will grow, with an altered reduction and growth. However, these deviations will not be long-term. First of all, this will happen because of the globalization of the economies of leading countries of the world with its trade balance, to violate which today is unprofitable for any of the parties.. Taking into account the permanent growth of the global economy, the demand for raw materials, namely, it is distinguished by a permanent growth rate. And with a short-term decline in prices, the enterprise will begin to modernize production processes, as well as reduce costs in this industry.. Therefore, it can be assumed that more There will be no significant reduction in gas prices.

Real-time gas price dynamics. Price Gas.. Dependence of the ruble exchange rate from gas