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Oil for rub, for dollars and the dependence of the ruble from oil

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Price of oil

Oil futures price movement WTI in the market are quite volatile (Mischoshist) And this can earn, putting on an increase or decrease in quotations. Crude oil is one of the most widely used and actively traded goods in the world.. The price of futures in the market is represented in dollars, and they are traded at international commodity exchanges.. Increasingly, the Forex company exhibit new tools derived from the price of oil, on which you can also play, pine.

The dependence of the ruble from oil, oil graphsort has important differences. Main of which - The density and content of sulfur, which can be important for buyers and sellers. According to new standards, the sulfur content in gasoline should be much less in the percentage ratio than in crude oil. Reduce the percence of sulfur sufficiently complex task, and for the production of gasoline and diesel fuel, the varieties of oil in which sulfur as little as possible.

Oil conditionally referred to sweet and sour. The smaller the sulfur content in oil, the more sweet. Solaty oil is distinguished by a large sulfur content..
Lightweight, sweet oil grade is more expensive than a heavy and more sour variety, since it requires less processing and produces products with a large percentage of processing efficiency and smaller costs and added value, such as gasoline, diesel fuel and aviation fuel. Heavy oil and, as a rule, more acidic raw sell cheaper than the easiest, sweeter, since it requires additional processing to obtain brighter products from it.
From crude oil produced gasoline, kerosene, liquefied gas, diesel fuel, lubricants, synthetic rubber, mineral fertilizers, etc..

Oil from Russia

Urals Crude Oil - mixture (Mixture of severe and high-grade oil Urals, with light oil of Western Siberia, with density API about 32 and sulfur content 1,2%), is mined in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Bashkortostan and Tatarstan. This oil is fed through the pipeline Baku-Novorossiysk and pipeline system friendship . The world s largest oil producers Urals - Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazprom Neft and Tatneft . Class oil futures quotes Urals Presented on the RTS Stock Exchange Stock Exchange. In New - York commodity exchange NYMEX "Ural" Known called REBCO and traded under a tickker symbol REin US dollars per barrel. The largest consumers of Russian oil Italy and Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Oil WTI (Light)

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) otherwise known as Texas Light Sweet and comes from Texas and Mexico. This oil contains a small amount of sulfur and density.. The sulfur content is about 0,24%, and density - 39,6 units and this oil is considered sweet and easy oil. Recycling of this oil is usually done in the regions of the Persian Gulf, as well as the United States due to the nearest location from oil reserves. Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) traded on NYMEX Under the tickker CL. Oil brand WTI traded in the form of futures and options, which is a high liquidity tool for commercial exchanges.

Oil variety Dubai

Emirate Dubai from the Arab Emirates is one of the largest suppliers of oil, as a result, another standard of oil varieties appeared. Dubai. The density of crude oil of this brand is 31 Unit on the scale, and the content of sulfur - 2%


Brent s name received from the same terrain on the shelves in the North Sea, which belongs to the UK. In this region, oil reserves have exhausted significantly and delivery to the nearest areas has slightly increased in price.. However, oil Brent-It is still a reference to oil and serves as a guide to pricing other varieties, the price of which several of them is distinguished by a spread price for different oil brands. As well as Brent oil is a benchmark due to its wide availability and ability to continuously develop, as well as the possibility of incorporating new brands. To date, up to two thirds of world oil reserves for the price in relation to Brent Brent is called sweet oil, which contains 0,37% sulfur I. 38 Units of density. Brent Oil Brand is actively used for processing in gasoline and diesel fuel.
Brent traded in electronic Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Under the tickker LCO in US dollars.
Though Brent It is considered light oil, it is not so Easy as WTI.


Oil Basket OPEC comes from Bonny Light (Nigeria), Arab countries (Saudi Arabia), Basry (Iraq), Algeria and Indonesia.

The main importers of oil are USA, China, Japan, Germany. Among the main exporters - Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Arab Emirates.

Neft price today 19.01.2022

Two years ago we felt all the consequences of falling oil prices. For Russia, the low cost of oil, as if natural cataclysms - Destrust and unpredictable. And if so, it is clearly not friendly with the country s prosperity. However, not all countries suffer from falling price oil. And even quite the opposite, large oil importers are gaining an incredible rise in terms of free and additional funds.. And therefore there are many interests and many forces on the other side. Take the same United States. A good example of a powerful and very large interest in low oil prices. The money, as you know, have never been enough, not exception and the United States, in which the article is simply inflated to unprecedented sizes, social spending and other budget articles, huge internal and external debt. And here is one harsh fall of oil Multi-billion-dollar problems are solved, because there would be money, and America can act, unlike the vague developing countries.

Cons Low Prices Oil for US

However, and for the United States is not all smooth. Nearby oil prices WTI Literally contact the hands and feet of developers of mining of shale oil in this country, which is completely unthinkable at such prices, because the cost of developing and mining from shale deposits is significantly higher than the cost of oil production in other ways. However, in the period of high oil prices, many deposits of shale oil were still successfully developed and put into operation, which filled even more US storage facilities, which also contributed to the reversal, and after rapid drop in oil prices WTI. And this is despite the fact that global oil consumption is only increasing. It is no secret that alternative energy sources, a major supporter of which is Europe, still roads and make up a very small percentage of total energy consumption.

Oil for rub Price

It is possible that there is a whole system and organization that carefully monitors the situation in the oil market, for prices and oil bargaining and which are puzzled as it affects on a large scale to the price in the direction of the decrease.. This is exactly the most important factor in the pricing of oil, along with the fact that it is openly filed in the media.

Low prices of oil prices for Russia

All with accuracy on the contrary for the coziness of the Russian budget. Falling oil prices WTI can seriously bleed the body of the Russian economy, despite the gold and foreign exchange reserves. Sale of energy replenishes the budget of Russia more half a year. Just count what the country is missing if the price of oil falls at least 5 dollars per barrel, what to talk about such steep downs. Russia is generally not beneficial for large volatility prices for futures and oil options, because it complicates calculations. Even a sharp increase brings some unbalances, because free resources is always profitable to start to work, and not to collect in the sock, which we can talk about sharp drops. Low price for oil WTI accompanied by a fall of the ruble, overestimation of interest rates in order to keep inflation. The standard of living of the population falls, the purchasing power falls. Imported goods become too expensive, and among them not only consumer goods, but also important products for the strategic development of the country and its stability.

Oil WTI For rub and for dollars. The dependence of the ruble from oil on schedule. Online 19.01.2022

Oil and ruble

More recently, Russia held a ruble exchange rate at a very stable level, and the ruble became a tangible part in the cart of the currencies of Russian business and large investors to preserve capital, to create a cash cushion in business and economics. Increased interest rates in Russia strongly limits business opportunities, the possibility of movement and capital use. Business can no longer allow themselves to make tangible knowledge and invest in development, which means the crisis is not as it does not contribute to the development of the areas of the economy other than the oil and gas region. Oil into the fire poured sanctions that are designed not only for pressure on the country...

Crisis Prices Oil touched Many countries

Significantly suffer from other countries - Oil exporters. One of the countries in the center of attention during the oil crisis - Venezuela, in which more than half of all incomes also accounted for oil exports. On the basis of petrodollars in this country, social spending increased, not to support which there is no possibility - More recently, social unrest and riots broke out in this country, when it was not without sacrifice.

Many countries - Exporters of course have a major reserve fund, but no one even guess that oil prices can fall so low and not shorter, not shortly, but for quite a long time. It remains only to guess how critical for stability is the empty pockets of these countries.

And although many countries suggest that Low prices oil WTI stimulate the development of other areas of the economy, the best thing they should do now - enter the phase of the highest discipline by expenses, bring order in the budget, and simply speaking - Crop the left leaks from the budget and make your work of many serious discrepancies of consumers from the state treasury, as well as strengthen government financial institutions and banks.

Oil for rub. Oil for rub Price