Future dollar

What awaits the dollar in the future?

Whether the dollar will fall, in which currency to store savings? Is it risky to keep money in dollars or change on euro?

Whether the dollar will fall and how much?


Whether dollar will fall apart? Is it worth keeping your money in dollars? What currency to keep their savings? How to save your money from inflation. Which currency is the best and more reliable? Future dollar

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What is the forecast for the dollar?

Undoubtedly, the dollar won a good position in the market, but, like any currency, the dollar can also quickly depreciate. Importantly bloated economy, a large budget deficit in the US still pushing the dollar to fall.
And although the unstable euro also loses weights, predict a significant drop in the dollar and in relation to the euro. Despite all its drawbacks, the euro is the second currency in the world, as a reserve currency in which they prefer to keep their capital, in addition to the dollar.
Currently dollar exchange rate determined at the auction, however 1971 The year, the dollar exchange rate was not free and regulated by state financial institutions in the United States. At the moment, there is no significant impact on the country by the dollar, and the dollar is growing if he has increased demand and buyers more than sellers. The dollar rate falls if the sellers are more than buyers.

Is it possible in which the dollar will collapse?

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What depends on the dollar rate?

The dollar is influenced by the balance of exports / US imports, investments in the external economy and the huge foreign debt of the country that grows with a rapid pace. These factors undermine the authority of the dollar and affect the interest of buyers. But still rumors about falling dollar For many years, events are ahead and more often do not come true than they have a solid soil.. The dollar exchange rate is not going to rapidly fall. The fact is that the functions that the dollar performs is now, as an international currency, not a single world currency is capable.. Only over the past ten years, the dollar lost more 40 % In price. However, economic The crisis supported the dollar ratewhen real estate dropped sharply in price, and the dollar approached to preserve capital. To preserve capital, investors around the world, especially from Brazil, China and Russia keep dollars in their currency baskets, and this also supports the dollar rate.. In such baskets, except the dollar includes main currencies, and the US dollar has overwhelming weight..

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In what currency keep their savings?

What to keep savings in dollars or euros? Suppose you earned some money, it became possible to postpone on a black day or you decided to make money. So, if you hold rub, you will quickly notice that the price of goods runs away from your accumulation. Simply your money devours inflation. After such experience, people refuse savings in rub and Go to dollars or euro. And many people know the first rule: Do not keep all the eggs in one basket and save your savings for a long time, it is better to keep some currencies. This is usually US dollars and euros, less often yuan, pound, Canadian dollar and yen. At the same time, periodically changing the cattle ratio in the basket, you can not only save the capital, but also to increase. Please note that capital conservation is only in currencies. - not quite a good solution, since all currencies are losing weight. Let them have a shelter of capital for a short time.
Many hundred years to save capital was the most reliable gold. When currencies appeared, they were equated with a certain amount of gold. Often coins were made of gold and very fit for savings. At the same time, everything has changed a direct bunch of currency/gold - The case is rare. Gold has an indisputable advantage in accumulating and maintaining capital: Unlike modern currencies, gold can not, for example, cheaper in the year in 10 - 100 once.

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Dollar forecasts and collapse

As known, Dollar today not reinforced with gold directly as before. In different sources, dollar rate - bloated soap bubble, which, according to forecasts, had to burst many years ago, but as we see, the dollar is in perfect order.
Easy to understand what a dollar is the future. Most likely, the dollar will also lightly lose % year after year and it doesn t look much like it will roll, even if he is not backed by gold one to one and it does not matter what there is a soap bubble. This currency will be in the center of events, as there are no more reliable alternative currency in the world..

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Young currency - Future Euro

Euro is experiencing difficult times and in Europe are full of problems that are not in the US: In the countries of the euro zone, internal instability, financial crisis and also a large external debt.
Of course, euro, as the world universal currency - A wonderful idea, however, between the euro and the dollar there is a quiet struggle, because in the case of the growth of the position of the euro, loses its position of the dollar, on which the US economy depends. And the financial crisis in the United States is more interested in the United States, as it will collapse financial position in many countries, many of which are the most developed, and All of them depend on the dollar. Be that as it may, the euro raises his head, but it stretches for years, which will arrange all. The threat of competition from the euro for the dollar is, but there are still many problems among the countries that united the euro.

Future dollar

And whether the dollar fell heavily before? - It was more than once when the dollar was on the verge of collapseand had to go on very serious measures so that his course remains stable. Currently, the US financial system is capable of maintaining a dollar rate that it is well managed due to the country s development and most likely will be able to both in the future.
Why if the dollar - Soap bubble and dollar rate sooner or later can collapse, why not keep your savings in gold? The fact is that many investors have already invested their capital in gold, so the price of gold is just as a few bloated. Look at Schedule Dynamics of dollar prices and gold on this site. Per 10 years, the dollar fell in relation to gold more than 100%.

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Whether the dollar will fall and how much?.