Will the dollar collapse? What will happen to the ruble?
dollar and euro rate
Dollar/Ruble rates today 79.3323, Bank of Russia
Euro rate for today 92.6284, Bank of Russia
Dollar rate Currency rates 31.10 к рублю, ЦБ Oil price Курс доллара 31.10.2020
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Dollar/Ruble rate

US Dollar/Ruble rate $, USD / RUB

Dollar to ruble today in real time. Dollar/RUB chart. Calculator of USD/RUB exchange to rubles by Bank of Russia. Archive of currency rates for the year. What is "Dollar/Ruble rate for tomorrow "

What will happen to the dollar?
* Official Dollar Rate - what is it?

Currency rates

Bank of Russia rates today

Dollar to ruble today 79.3323
Euro to ruble rate 92.6284
1 Belarusian ruble 30.0946
10 Ukrainian hryvnia 27.8971
100 Kazakh tenge 18.3154
10 Moldovan lei 46.5292
10 Chinese yuan 11.8403

Rates on the latest Bank of Russia data - dollar, euro, ruble online

Dollar/Ruble rate

Dollar/Ruble exchange rate

Currency Dollars

Dollar to ruble Bank of Russia *

Dollar rates issued by the Bank of Russia daily
Dollar to Ruble - Bank of Russia Chart

Dollar/Ruble exchange rate international markets **

Market chart of dollar/ruble dynamics at this moment
Dollar/Ruble exchange rate chart - international markets

Dollar, ruble, euro and oil

U.S. Dollar is the most common currency around the world, used for settlements between countries. Many stocks and commodities are traded for the dollar on exchanges. This currency is issued as 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar notes.

Dollar exchange rate graph to EUR, EUR/USD, latest data

Update euro/dollar curve at the moment Dollar to Euro today
Euro-dollar exchange rate dynamics chart for the week at Forex market

Dollar/Ruble rate can be volatile on events, statements of authorities, disasters, wars, droughts and depends on the jump in quotations on the stock and commodity exchanges.
The dynamics of currency rates is not the same during the day and is more volatile during the day. The nature of dollar rate movement changes along with business activity. With the opening of stock and commodity exchanges, currency rates can dramatically change their direction.
Dynamics Currency is insignificant on holidays or weekends, when the dollar is traded outside the market in small volumes and becomes wide (volatile) on holidays, during opening hours of the stock exchanges.
The Dollar/Ruble rate on the site is presented in the form of quotes and charts from different sources, such as the Bank of Russia, scripts, forex brokers, DC and world banks.

* ** The rate of dollar, euro and other currencies to ruble on the site are presented in three variants:

Pay attention to the difference in rates between the Bank of Russia and the world markets. Market quotations and charts of currency rates (dollar, euro) are updated frequently (market), unlike the issuance of the Bank of Russia - once a day. Issue is made by "for tomorrow" (used in "Bank of Russia settlements" the next day by some organizations), on weekdays.
Charts and quotes on the website are provided online, in real time: dollar rate to ruble, to Belarusian ruble and dollar to Ukrainian hryvnia and are free of charge.

Example chart of the dynamics of the dollar, candlesticks.

$, USD. Dollar rate

Dollar Price, Currency Exchange Rate

Why do we have three Dollar/Ruble rates at once?

Ruble-dollar for tomorrow - Bank of Russia.

The dollar/ruble exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, as well as the euro and other currencies is not determined in the course of trading on the markets or the exchange in real time, and is issued by the Central Bank (CB) of the Russian Federation. This rate is called the official rate of the Central Bank of Russia, for the calculation of which is also used data from trading in currency on the stock exchange. The exchange rate of the dollar, euro and other currencies to the ruble tomorrow becomes known after 11:00 pm - issue by the Bank of Russia. "The Dollar/Ruble rate for tomorrow " the Central Bank rate is close to the market rate from 11:00 today, in Moscow (data from the exchanges and the forex market; rates and charts are dynamic on the site).

Ruble exchange rates - from international markets

In addition to rates there are international, exchange rates of the ruble, which are determined in the course of trading on the currency exchange. There may be significant differences between these rates and the Bank of Russia rate during the day (market quotes sometimes change every second). The rates are determined by buying and selling (demand - supply) in the course of trading on exchanges. $ - dollar sign. The dollar rate is the ratio of the dollar to other currencies.

Attention! Check currency rates with other sources

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Dollar exchange rate forecasts. Forex analytics forecasts

Dollar Forecast is used for forex trading and investment, to save capital, as well as often provide summaries, forecasts for traders.

Dollar exchange rate forecast should not be taken seriously and even the best analysts are wrong in most cases.
Often dollar forecasts are made for commercial and advertising purposes, as well as to influence the course of events. A lot of money was made when a loud forecast on the currency was issued at the right time.

Where can I find the best Dollar Forecast ? - Keep track of traders' large purchases.

What about forex forecasts? Dollar exchange rate will grow? Use analysts' forecasts together with other forecasting tools - news, rates, quotes, charts, correlation of currency dynamics.


Personal Dollar/Ruble rate

In city exchange offices and online exchangers the dollar purchase price may differ significantly from the dollar sale price. At Forex, the difference between buying and selling the dollar (spread) is very small. For many years the dollar/euro exchange rate was between 1.1 and 1.5 dollars/euro. Internet dollars (electronic money) wmz, euro -wme, roubles - wmr, J. money - poison and others can be exchanged in exchange offices - online exchangers on the Internet. Look for a profitable exchange, discount programs. The more you change dollars - the more you make a discount and the less difference between buying and selling currency.

Dollar, euro, ruble rates, charts of dynamics and quotes

Currency rates to ruble, Central Bank

Currency rates of the Central Bank 31.10.2020
XDR 112,0164
dollar/ruble rate 79,3323
euro/ruble exchange rate 92,6284
pound to ruble 102,5449
yen to ruble for 100 76,0361
franc to ruble 86,5884
Canadian dollar 59,5320
Australian dollar 55,7706
Belarusian ruble rate 30,0946
UAH rate for 10 27,8971
tenge rate per 100 18,3154
Currency symbols: USD - US dollar, EUR - Euro, RUB - Russian ruble
May I earn during the dollar fall?


Latest exchange rates - dollar, euro, ruble as of today. It's the news.
Dollar Ruble rate online 31.10.2020

Predictions by dollar. Currency charts from international markets. Dollar exchange rate in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Dollar rates - USD/RUB. Euro to ruble Bank of Russia.

Gain on dollar fluctuations

Beginners and more: Buy some for the sample and watch. If the market goes straight against you, you know what to do. The market is not a game, a bet, a course or a casino, where your chances are as high as 49% (49? not online). What if you have a super robot? Yeah, someone's sitting there watching his money run out. He's got a lot of it, and he hasn't noticed.) If you have earned, it means that on the other side for a long time and a lot of lapping someone, and then specify how and where exactly the money went to them. And it doesn't matter if the dollar rate is today or not.

Outside the exchange also play on currency fluctuations - you can buy dollars and wait for the currency rate to change to trade. You will most likely have to wait a long time for the dollar to rise and cover the amount of commission you have spent. In the currency market you can not only buy $ at a set rate, but also sell and look at the dollar rates today and notice that the dollar has too high a price, it is not a fact that there will be a decline in the rate. Before you enter the market, think a hundred times and look at how the Dollar/Ruble rate behaves in dynamics.

Can you earn by trading on the currency exchange forex? If you don't have enough dollars, sometimes it is possible to trade in rouble accounts, and if you have dollars, it is possible to replenish rubles. You can theoretically make money on changes in currency rates, they are not standing still, today the rate is one, tomorrow the rate is another. Almost always the market will go against you. It is rare during the day, but it is possible to return part of the fortune. It is necessary to wait several months for a significant change of the rate outside of Forex, you can trade inside the day via the Internet. If your head goes around from dollars, euros and roubles, you can instruct a professional trader to trade ...

Bank of Russia dollar rate