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Currency courses to ruble, Central Bank

Currency courses, issuing the Central Bank - on the 09.06.2023 г
dollar to ruble exchange rate 82,0930
euro to ruble rate 88,0379
pound to ruble 102,3043
Yen to the ruble for 100 58,6924
franc to ruble 90,3411
Canadian dollar 61,3734
Australian dollar 54,6904
Belarusian ruble exchange rate 27,9685
Grivna course 10 22,2267
Course Tenge For 100 18,3797
Exchange rates: USD - dollar, EUR - euro, Belarusian ruble, hryvnia
Euro currency

Today Friday, 9 june, 2023 year

Currency rates, quotes. Spread, buy price, sell price

Currency rates, rub, Central Bank of the Russian Federation

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The exchange rate of the dollar euro currencies to the ruble online, real time

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Currency rates, quotes. Spread, buy price, sell price
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Euro currency 09.06.23

Euro currency
Real Time Currency Quotes. Dealing center spread, dc, forex market. Currency buying and selling price, online 09.06.23
Currency rates, quotes. Spread, buy price, sell price. Euro currency