Dollar and Euro exchange rate
Central Bank dollar rate 57.9990 rub
Euro Central Bank exchange rate 55.9278 rub
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SOT charts. Non-commercial traders. Forex market

Forex market

SOT by currency - positions of traders and banks. Investors COT charts by currency (currency futures). Similar graphs for forecasting course movements. Dollar exchange rate on the site, USD, EUR, RUR for today, online. currencies: USD/RUB и EUR/USD. Dollar rate USD EUR RUR. Quotes for today, online. Euro and currency rates: USD, CHF, CAD, AUD, NZD, EUR, COT

dollar rate
Exchange rates: USD - dollar, EUR - euro, Belarusian ruble, hryvnia
Forex market

Today Tuesday, 27 september, 2022 year

SOT charts, currencies. Dynamics of positions of large traders. Select currency


CoT - reports, CFTC disintegration of open positions in the markets.

Dollar rate EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, AUD и NZD.

Forex market 27.09.22

Non-profit traders speculators such as individual traders, hedge-funds and large institutions that operate in the futures market and meet reporting requirements. Long Nonprofit Positioning Represents Long Open Positions Of Nonprofit Traders.

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Forex market SOT market reports
SOT charts. Correlation of charts of open trading positions by currencies by reports COT. Forex market per 2022
COT position charts 09.2022
COT reports - currency chart. Positions of major players, commercial funds and banks. COT report charts by currency online 27.09.22
SOT charts, currencies. Dynamics of positions of large traders. Select currency. Forex market