Dollar courses today 22.03.2023 12 hour.
Dollar rate
dollar to ruble exchange rate euro to dollar rate
Central Bank dollar rate 76.9561 р
Euro Central Bank exchange rate 82.9670 р

Dollar exchange rate 18.03.2023 today - 22.03.23

dollar rate
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Courses installed by the Central Bank on 23.03.2023
dollar to ruble exchange rate 76,9561
euro exchange rate82,9670
pound rate93,8557
Yen to the ruble for 10058,1064
franc to ruble83,4846
Dollar Canadsk56,1477
Dollar Austral51,5221
Belarusian ruble26,9077
hryvnia for 1020,8402
tenge for 10016,6442
Special Drawing Rights103,2574
Dollar rate. Dollar for today: The schedule of the euro courses to the dollar, market, is updated every minute..
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Dollar rate. Last dollar rate and archive of currency exchange rates. Schedule of the dynamics of the euro course to the dollar and ruble from the market for the week.
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The collapse of the dollar is so close?

Be that as it may, the whole world needs a dollar, and if so - means the dollar exchange rate will be relatively calm for a very long time.  Dollar depreciation is still happening, but think about what? More recently, a significant dollar drawdown was recorded against real estate and what s next? During the crisis, the real estate sector reintroduced "sagged", and already we see a not so significant drop in the real price of the dollar.

Real USD exchange rate

To observe the dynamics of the dollar, sometimes it is enough to study the euro dollar exchange rate over different periods of time.. But nevertheless, the more accurate dollar value, the dynamics of its rate, is better to observe on the dollar index chart - For example USDX, which shows the dollar rate relative to the basket  major world currencies. And on such a chart, a sudden jump in the value of the euro will be in the form of a less sharp movement in the dollar rate, in the real weight of the currency.

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