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What is a stock exchange


Prerequisites for the appearance stock exchange and the time of its appearance. Development and change in the context of technology development.

Stock Exchange - is an organization that provides an opportunity to trade, like in the market, various financial instruments. Financial instruments can be stocks, bonds and other derivatives from them..
The stock exchange has the main important function required in the modern world. On the stock exchange, as in any market, there are those who want to buy what-then, and those who what-then sells. If speak about stock exchange, then companies and investors exchange capital on it, i.e..е. essentially money.

The emergence of the first exchanges dates back to the Middle Ages, when the corresponding relations between people, companies, and the state arose in Europe.. When some people got capital they didn t need «Here and now», while others needed money. If at first the exchanges satisfied mainly the exchange of capital between people and the state, then large private companies also felt the need for capital..
Stock Exchange at the beginning of its appearance it had a trading floor for trading, however, with the development of technology, the trading system is now essentially conducted in electronic form. It happened in 80-th and 90-years 20 century, when computer technology began to develop more and more and the appearance of stock exchanges began to change. More and more transactions began to be made using electronics, although not everywhere. Some exchanges kept trading «On the floor». Traditional exchanges have already practically become uncompetitive, since they could not provide the same efficiency as exchanges with an electronic trading system, and therefore, subsequently, all exchanges switched to an electronic system for making transactions completely.
Stock exchanges are of two types. These are public and private exchanges. Public exchanges are controlled by government agencies. In some countries, there are only state-controlled exchanges. An example is France.
Thus, the exchange is a necessary, integral part of the economy, ensuring its development in conditions of openness and publicity..

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Stock exchange in Russia and the USSR

The emergence of exchanges in Russia. Abolition of exchanges in 30-years of the twentieth century and revival.

Stock Exchange — is an institution whose activity is to organize a market for the trading of securities. The emergence of stock exchanges is attributed to 16 century. However, the emergence, or rather the formation, of stock trading in Russia is attributed to 30-years 19 century. And they associate this with the emergence of public debt. The main trade took place in St.-Petersburg under the control of the Ministry of Finance. In Moscow, trade began to be conducted a little later.. The main instrument at that time was government bonds, both domestic and foreign loans.. Industrial stocks and bonds also traded at stock exchange. After October 1917 year, a ban on trading securities was introduced and all previously issued bonds were canceled.
But it should be noted that the exchange business did not cease to exist.. The basis was the resolution of the Council of People s Commissars from 1922 "About stock exchange operations". In addition to government loans, the exchange traded in gold ducats, foreign currency and precious metals. However, already by 30 over the years the stock exchange was completely abolished.
Exchanges appeared again only in 90-years of the last century. Then activity stock exchanges received legislative formalization in federal law from 1996 A body has appeared that regulates the activities of stock exchanges.
The stock exchange began to be based on the principles of self-regulation. She was identified as a professional market participant, the main activity, which is the organization of trade.
The stock exchange in Russia is a legal entity and must be created in the form of a non-profit organization. To carry out its activities, a license is required.. Obtaining a license indicates the acquisition of the status of a trade organizer.
Directly transactions are concluded through persons authorized to do so - traders. The stock exchange must have a certain number of people in its composition, and the size of its equity capital must be at least a certain amount. Wherein stock Exchange has the right to independently determine the procedure for joining its members, determine the conditions for the withdrawal and exclusion of members, establish quantitative restrictions on the number of members.

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