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What authorities control forex brokers. What protects our money, deposits from scammers. How not to allow fool yourself on the currency exchange. Organizations that control dealing centers, dc? Check your broker. Foreign exchange regulators

Addresses of bodies controlling brokers and forex dealing centers



Regulatory authorities by country

Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC и
National Futures Association NFA - In America
British Financial Services Authority FSA - Britannia
ARIF  -Switzerland
ASIC  - Australia
CySEC  - In Cyprus
SFC - Hong Kong

is your forex broker registered ?

You can check whether your forex broker is really registered in the organization in the databases: - FSA   - ARIF - SFC  - NFA,  CFTC -  CySEC  - ASIC

Forex brokers. Regulatory authorities.

Forex trading 09.06.2023

Forex trading

What authorities control brokers. What protects our money. What you need to avoid being cheated on the currency exchange. online 09.06.2023
Addresses of bodies controlling brokers and forex dealing centers. Forex trading