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Forex beginners. How to play on the stock exchange

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How not to lose on the stock exchange


Forex for newbies

Today there are many brokers and dealing centers who are ready to help you in your endeavors, namely – teach, tell about the whole system of the entire exchange, take the first steps to real trading. For newbies Forex offers special demo accounts, thanks to which you will plunge into the world of exchange moods, without risking your pocket funds.

Such training accounts exclude only the moment of the psychological factor, which can be attributed to the second stage of successful trading seven days a week. While practicing on a demo account, you are relaxed and pleasantly tense, which is comparable to playing a computer game, which is interesting and tempting.. Here you can take risks and predict, as if you are on top of the world. But once you get into real trading, everything changes..

Here you have transferred funds to the account and choose your pair of currencies. There is no time for humor, since you are like the means for trading-then earned, and lose them ”oh how I don t want to”. And here is the first deal and the first seemingly imperceptible gain of a few dollars, or even less. You rejoice and it seems that everything is really so simple.

It should be understood that the money you win goes from whom-then bills, and everyone knows that no one is going to pay from their pocket just like that. And then you start to be interested in financial news, books on trading in the market Forex. Despite your best efforts, the trend often moves in the opposite direction.. And what are you doing? You press hastily "close an order" and at least lose the spread... Not a significant event, but you are shocked and worried. This is where the whole essence of the psychological factor is manifested, which training accounts are deprived of..


Now you are completely absorbed in the foreign exchange market and do not even find time to eat, since you need to follow the indicators and the trend line itself. Here it should be borne in mind that even conducting several transactions in ”a plus” can be canceled in one single transaction in ”minus”, so it is quite difficult to calculate the level of income.

Forex for beginners 09.06.23

Forex for beginners

Recently, a low level of market entry is increasingly common, that is, the minimum amount to be deposited into a trading account. Taking a look at the early stages of development Forex you can see that significant funds were required. Now we see that it is enough for this and 1$ if only you were in this direction. The benefits of brokers are obvious, the more people trade in the market, the more funds they will receive from spreads of foreign exchange transactions.

The methods of attracting are varied, even some of them are ready to give you a small amount on a real account, just to make you interested in this field of activity.. And having lost this amount, as a rule, the majority return already with their free funds..

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How not to lose on the stock exchange. Forex for beginners