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What currency pair to trade seven days a week? Why is the choice of currencies important for trading. Forex foreign exchange market. Forex features and games. Currency rates on the site. Real-time charts and quotes November, 2022

Choosing currencies for forex trading. Features of trading in different currencies seven days a week


As you know, the main trading instrument in Forex - these are currency pairs (dollar to euro, euro to dollar, etc..д.).  The first question that any trader asks which currency pair to play in order to make a profit.

Currency pairs are designated by a special code, which consists of 3-x capital letters, for example EUR/USD, EUR/AUD and t.д. Paired with EUR/USD, euro – main currency, USD - quote currency rate. That is, in this case, the trader will buy and sell euros for American dollars..

Some traders-when choosing a currency pair, patriots are mistakenly guided by geographic or national characteristics. For example, Australians will only speculate in Australian and New Zealand dollars, playing against the US dollar, regardless of other currencies..

The main criterion when choosing a currency pair - it is liquidity, activity of the currency rate and the average amplitude of currency fluctuations. If the listed parameters of the selected currencies are high, then this currency pair will be preferable for short-term trading.. The following currency pairs are most suitable for this type of trading. - it USD/CHF, GBP/EUR, GBP/JPY and etc.

Currency pairs.

Currency pairs and characteristics

4 major currencies

Euro - dollar – the most traded forex pair, which at first glance fluctuates quite predictably, but for beginners this is not the best option for trading. Advice: try to follow the exchange rate (trend) and delve into the economy of the Eurozone and the United States.

Dollar - Swiss frank - often repeats the dynamics of the previous pair, clearly shows the movement of the US dollar. Easy to predict unlike other exchange rates.

Pound-Dollar - characterized in excess-volatile movements, which attracts newbies. Breakouts are often false, but predictions often work.. Advice: see UK news.

Dollar-yen - the second most popular pair after the euro - dollar. This currency pair often experiences sharp jumps in the rate.. USD/JPY sensitive to policy changes. Advice: happy hard pair for a trader, but it gives a decent chance to earn.

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Choosing a currency pair for trading seven days a week and why the choice of currencies for trading is important. online 30.11.22

Choosing currencies for forex trading. Features of trading in different currencies seven days a week. Market forex