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Currency calculator hryvnia, ruble, dollar, euro

Currency converter hryvnia, ruble, dollar. Currency converter based on market data, exchange rates. hryvnia to rub, to dollars November, 2022

dollar rate
Currency exchange rate to ruble, c. bank
Currency Courses according to Central Bank.
The last issuance of the Central Bank on 01.12.2022 г
dollar to ruble exchange rate 60,8803
euro to ruble rate 63,0504
pound to ruble 73,0685
Yen to the ruble for 100 43,8619
franc to ruble 64,0441
Canadian dollar 44,8375
Australian dollar 40,7776
Belarusian ruble exchange rate 25,0279
Grivna course 10 16,4844
Course Tenge For 100 12,9967
Exchange rates - dollar, euro, hryvnia
Real Time Currency Converter

Today Wednesday, 30 November, 2022 year

Currency converter at market rate


The converter uses the Central Bank rate

Currency converter at market rate

dynamics of the price of buying and selling dollars for hryvnia

Dynamics of the dollar against the hryvnia, market, per week

Update the graph of the dynamics of the dollar against the hryvnia at this moment
Dollar to hryvnia exchange rate forex market
dollar to hryvnia, forex

Real Time Currency Converter 30.11.22

Real Time Currency Converter

Dollar to hryvnia, forex market, per month

Dollar to hryvnia exchange rate market
The graph of the dollar to the hryvnia USD/UAH
Hryvnia, ruble and dollar converter, currency conversion. Calculator of the amount of hryvnia in currencies. The hryvnia exchange rate, the dollar is taken into account in the currency converter. online 30.11.22
Euro dollar rate, real time chart
Currency converter at market rate. Real Time Currency Converter