Forex positions, sentiments. Exchange rates. Traders positions by currencies

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Open exchange positions by currencies with a broker seven days a week. The diagram shows whether they are buying or selling the dollar, the yen, pound, euro, currency. Will the price of the dollar rise? Traders sentiments. Forex traders positions. Exchange rates June, 2023

USD and EUR sales volumes


Ruble dollar forecast

Forex sentiment

Traders positions by currencies

USD and EUR sales volumes

Euro dollar rate, real time chart
Exchange Rates: dollar to ruble - forecast tools

Traders positions by currencies 09.06.23

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Traders  positions by currencies. eur, usd, gbp, cad, chf, jpy, rub
Forex sentiment. Exchange rates. Euro dollar exchange rate on forex. Eur, usd, gbp, cad, chf, jpy per 2023
Open dollar positions 06.2023
Open positions by currencies with a forex broker. The diagram shows, buy or sell dollar, euro, currency. online 09.06.23
USD and EUR sales volumes. Traders positions by currencies