dollar exchange rates today, 28.07.2021 12 hour.
Dollar and Euro rate
Dollar/Ruble rate
Euro Dollar rate
Dollar to ruble rate 73.8471 CBR rub
Euro/Ruble exchange rate 86.9919 RUB CBR

Dollar/Ruble exchange rate

Dollar rate

dollar technical forecast

Will the dollar fall technical forecast
доллар курс
Currency rates to ruble, CB**
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Courses set by the Central Bank at 28.07.2021
dollar to ruble rate 73,8471
euro rate86,9919
course of pound101,7465
yen to ruble for 10067,0819
fran to ruble80,4522
dollar canadian58,6554
dollar austral54,2112
Belarusian ruble29,3044
hryvnia for 1027,4431
tenge for 10017,3515
SDR - XDR104,9833

Today Wednesday, 28 Jul, 2021 y

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Dollar/Ruble market rate dynamics per month *

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Dynamics of the dollar to ruble market rate

Dynamic chart of market dollar to ruble

Курсы доллара и валют


What currency rates are suitable?

* Dollar exchange rate to euro, ruble and other currencies are the most recent data and change every second on business days. This rate is also used in determining the rate of the Central Bank. Usually time is specified - the point of transaction at the market. In a few seconds the rate can jump up and go back, so the rate on different sources is slightly different. The difference between buying and selling on the exchange is small, so often only the average value between buying and selling or the rate of the last transaction is specified. It is suitable for merchants, and it is this rate which is more often laid down in currency converters Most likely, this is the dollar rate you are interested in.

** CB currency rate - official dollar rate, euro to ruble. The issuance of the Central Bank does not always correspond to a market transaction and is used for special purposes mainly by financial institutions (state reporting, accounting and bookkeeping), etc. It is most often indicated in the informants on the websites, but it rather shows yesterday's rate. Hence, the concept - "dollar rate for tomorrow". More precisely, it is the dollar rate for the next working day, which becomes known after 11 h. Don't use the Central Bank exchange rate unless you know exactly what it is

***Euro exchange rate to dollar, ruble and other currencies are the freshest rates, constantly changing many times per minute as a result of trading on working days. Usually the time of the rate is specified. It is a reference point for exchange offices, for private transactions with currency, for merchants. This rate is also embedded in forex calculators More often than not, this euro rate is what you need. The difference between buying and selling (bid and ask) on the currency exchange is very small (usd / eur - less than $ 0.001), so often only the average value between buying and selling or the rate of the last transaction is specified.

See also descriptions of the dollar rates here:

**** Exchange rate forecast - analytics' assumptions about the dynamics of dollar, euro and other currencies. It is important to pay attention not only to where the currency rate will be, but also when it will be according to the forecast. Forecasts, news, studying the dynamics of currency rates on charts allow you to make good money on the currency exchange, but it is associated with risk. Currency is traded through the Internet most often at brokers, dealing centers forex. It is enough to have a small amount - 100 - 1000 dollars.

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