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A drop in the dollar?

Once the dollar, like many other currencies, was backed by gold, which made the dollar exchange rate quite stable, and deposits and savings in the dollar were a reliable capital and a safety cushion in times of crisis. Today, the dollar exchange rate is supported by various financial mechanisms of the state, the main goal of which is not to allow the dollar to fall or grow dramatically. As a result, the dollar has been getting a small drawdown in the real price for many years and is stable relative to the basket of world currencies.

anything can happen When currencies compete with the dollar exchange rate. The collapse of the dollar is impossible quietly. The dollar will drag along many currencies and economies of countries that have developed market economies and are linked to the economies of other countries and to the dollar.

to track the real exchange rate of the us dollar, you can study the exchange rate of the dollar to the Euro for different periods of time. As well as the dynamics of its exchange rate, see the chart of the dollar index - the dollar exchange rate against a basket of world currencies.

Like all other currencies, the dollar is subject to inflation, usually a few percent per year. So, having invested in the dollar some five years ago, holders of this currency still significantly lose capital. Maintaining and multiplying capital is a whole science, and since the real dollar exchange rate has been falling smoothly and will always fall, investors use other instruments besides currencies, such as stocks, bonds, futures and options. However, these tools include knowledge and experience, and working with them is often risky, which encourages investors to often work with the dollar exchange rate.


Currency dependence on the dollar exchange rate

Malaysia, Singapore, and China have pegged their currency exchange rate to the dollar, which helps avoid critical fluctuations in the currency price, since the dollar has a fairly stable exchange rate. Usually, the link exists with small deviations, and countries partially regulate the exchange rate - it equalizes the currency to the dollar exchange rate.

Today the dollar exchange rate depends on trading seven days a week, government policy, crises, imports and exports, and the stability of other currencies, especially the Euro.

despite the stable dollar exchange rate, wise investors have learned to store and multiply capital using not only the dollar, but also other significant currencies. However, in the basket of currencies of investors and private holders, the dollar still significantly prevails. Despite the overvalued dollar, this currency is preferred because of the scale and predictability of the exchange rate, small jumps in the dollar exchange rate.


How to make money on currency exchange rates

It is often quite easy to guess the growth of the dollar and its fall. In both cases, you can make good money on fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate. In addition, even if the currency exchange rate fluctuates slightly, and "hovered" in a state closer to rest - and you can make great money using, for example, working with options on the dollar. Just guess whether the dollar rate will rise, fall, jump or remain unchanged and you are in a huge profit. Traders and investors use news, past prices, and intuition to predict the exchange rate and volatility.

large players in the currency market can theoretically significantly affect the dollar exchange rate, move it suddenly in the right direction, "taking away" a lot of money from other players, but not as much as you can affect other, smaller currencies, and especially stocks and futures. Therefore, hapless traders mistakenly believe that someone took their money, causing a jump in the dollar exchange rate, which enriched or ruined. Large - scale manipulation is a special case in trading in the dollar and other currencies and is often considered illegal and monitored by the local financial police.

another point is that countries adjust the exchange rate relative to the dollar for more profitable import / export to the United States, which can add competitiveness to goods produced for export.

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