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Dollar exchange rate 11:00 (UTC+3) 18.01.2022г19.01.2022

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1Австралийский доллар = 0.7195 $ AUD: 1 $ =1.3899AUD
1Фунт стерлингов Соединенного королевства = 1.3648 $ GBP: 1 $ =0.7327GBP
1Белорусский рубль = 0.3869 $ BYN: 1 $ =2.5848BYN
1Russian ruble = 0.0131 $RUB: 1 $ =76.3347RUB
1Евро = 1.1400 $ EUR: 1 $ =0.8772EUR
100Казахстанских тенге = 0.2295 $ KZT: 1 $ =435.7003KZT
1Канадский доллар = 0.7995 $ CAD: 1 $ =1.2508CAD
100Киргизских сомов = 1.1791 $ KGS: 1 $ =84.8072KGS
1Китайский юань = 0.1574 $ CNY: 1 $ =6.3517CNY
10Молдавских леев = 0.5540 $ MDL: 1 $ =18.0500MDL
10Таджикских сомони = 0.8853 $ TJS: 1 $ =11.2950TJS
1Новый туркменский манат = 0.2861 $ TMT: 1 $ =3.4950TMT
10000Узбекских сумов = 0.9225 $ UZS: 1 $ =10,839.9638UZS
10Украинских гривен = 0.3523 $ UAH: 1 $ =28.3838UAH
1Швейцарский франк = 1.0939 $ CHF: 1 $ =0.9142CHF
100Японских иен = 0.8717 $ JPY: 1 $ =114.7150JPY
dollar 3 day ago 15.01.2022

Dollar and other currencies

Many countries have pegged the exchange rate of their currency to the dollar, the rate of which is controlled by the market. Snapping allows you not to waste a lot of energy on the stability of the currency relative dollar exchange rate. Often there is a correction in the rate of such a national currency, but a small.

How to make money on exchange rates

It is often not difficult to predict the rise in the dollar exchange rate and its fall. And in that and in that case, you can make good money on fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate. In addition, even if the exchange rate fluctuates weakly, and "hovered" in a state closer to rest - and you can make great money on this, using, for example, working with options on the dollar. It is enough to guess whether the dollar rate will rise, fall, make jumps  or stay the same and you are in huge profits. To predict course and jumps (volatility) traders and investors use news, past prices and intuition.

Large players in the currency market can theoretically significantly affect the dollar rate, move it suddenly in the right direction, "taking away" a lot of money from other players,  but not as much as you can influence other, smaller-scale currencies and even more so stocks and futures. Therefore, unlucky traders mistakenly believe that who-then he took money from them, causing a jump in the dollar exchange rate, which enriched or ruined. Major manipulations - a special case in trading in the dollar and other currencies and is often illegal and monitored by the financial police on the ground.

Another moment - countries adjust the exchange rate against the dollar for more profitable imports / exports to the United States, which can add competitiveness to the goods produced for export.


Dollar exchange rate in crisis

In an economic crisis, the eyes of capitalists turn to the dollar. The dollar at this time is in demand and supported, in dynamics it is very similar to gold, and the dollar exchange rate during the crisis is exorbitantly inflated in price.

Gold occupies a special place in investments and savings. It was believed that gold would never fail. However, the reliability of gold and the dollar in times of crisis leads to overstated demand, which leads to inflation in the price of gold and the dollar..   


Dependence of currencies on the dollar

Malaysia, Singapore, China pegged the rate of their currency to the dollar, which helps to avoid critical fluctuations in the price of the currency, since the dollar has a fairly stable exchange rate. Usually the peg exists with slight deviations, and countries partially regulate the exchange rate - equalizes the currency to the dollar rate.

Today dollar rate depends on trading seven days a week, government policies, crises, imports and exports, on the stability of other currencies and especially the euro.

Despite the stable dollar exchange rate, wise investors have learned how to store and increase capital using not only the dollar, but also other significant currencies.. However, in the basket of currencies of investors and private holders, the dollar still significantly predominates.. Despite the overvalued dollar rate, this currency is preferred from-for the scale and predictability of the exchange rate, small jumps in the dollar exchange rate.


Today Wednesday, 19 January, 2022 year

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