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To track down behind the dollar exchange rate USA, you can study the euro to dollar rate for different periods of time. And also see the dynamics of its rate on the dollar index chart - dollar rate against the basket  world currencies.

Like all other currencies, the dollar is subject to inflation, usually a few percent per year.. So, having invested in what dollar-some five years ago, holders of this currency still noticeably lose capital. It is a whole science to maintain and increase capital, and since the real dollar exchange rate has been falling smoothly and will always fall, investors use other instruments in addition to currencies, such as stocks, bonds, futures and options. However, these tools require knowledge and experience, working with them is often risky, which prompts investors to often work with the dollar rate..


Dollar and other currencies

Many countries have pegged the exchange rate of their currency to the dollar, the rate of which is controlled by the market. Snapping allows you not to waste a lot of energy on the stability of the currency relative dollar exchange rate. Often there is a correction in the rate of such a national currency, but a small.

Fall of the dollar?

Once the dollar, like many other currencies, was backed by gold, which made the dollar quite stable, and deposits and savings in the dollar - were a reliable capital and a safety cushion in times of crisis. Today the dollar rate supported by various financial mechanisms of the state, the main purpose of which is - do not let the dollar fall or rise sharply. As a result, the dollar has been experiencing a slight drawdown in real price for many years and is stable against a basket of world currencies..

Anything can happen against the backdrop of competition between currencies and the dollar. The crash of the dollar is impossibly quiet. The dollar will pull with it many currencies and economies of countries that have developed market economies and which are connected with the economies of other countries and with the dollar..

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