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A drop in the dollar?

Once the dollar, like many other currencies, was backed by gold, which made the dollar exchange rate quite stable, and deposits and savings in the dollar were a reliable capital and a safety cushion in times of crisis. Today, the dollar exchange rate is supported by various financial mechanisms of the state, the main goal of which is not to allow the dollar to fall or grow dramatically. As a result, the dollar has been getting a small drawdown in the real price for many years and is stable relative to the basket of world currencies.

anything can happen When currencies compete with the dollar exchange rate. The collapse of the dollar is impossible quietly. The dollar will drag along many currencies and economies of countries that have developed market economies and are linked to the economies of other countries and to the dollar.

When can I earn money on currency exchange rates, on the dollar exchange rate?

You can make good money on fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate. Working on a currency exchange includes attention and caution. Despite the fact that many people are frightened by stories of crushing ruin on the currency exchange and have heard about the incredible earnings playing on the dollar and other currencies, defeats and large profits in the game with capital are possible anywhere, for example, on the stock market. As long as you work in a disciplined manner with the dollar exchange rate or futures, stocks - you will certainly make a profit and a very important experience. However, the human factor often works when a trader in a hurry throws a lot of capital on the line, forgetting about the rules and the system.

Trading on a currency exchange, using the dollar exchange rate, you can adhere to different risk strategies. This is a good market where you can work with the dollar exchange rate using the "leverage", when your profits or losses depend on the multiplier that you can choose when trading with a Forex broker. Increasingly, the dollar is traded without leaving the computer and even from a mobile phone, which is incredibly convenient.

One of the points when States influence the exchange rate is the impact on imports / exports, for example, to lower the price of goods produced for export. However, many countries cannot influence the exchange rate of their currencies, many of which are oil exporters, since they have pegged their currencies to the dollar.

Dollar exchange rate in crisis

In an economic crisis, the eyes of capitalists turn to the dollar. The dollar is in demand and supported at this time, the dynamics are very similar to gold, and the dollar exchange rate in the crisis is excessively inflated in price.

Gold occupies a special place in investments and savings. It was believed that gold would never fail. However, the reliability of gold and the dollar in times of crisis leads to inflated demand, which leads to an inflated price of gold and the dollar.


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