Dollar and Euro exchange rate
dollar to ruble exchange rate
euro to dollar rate
Dollar to ruble exchange rate 60.8993 RUB
Euro to ruble exchange rate 62.5355 RUB

Euro exchange rate from 05.07.2022. Euro exchange rate today

Exchange rates: EUR - €

dollar rate
Dollar rateThe main currencies to the euro - Ruble, dollar, tenge, hryvnia, etc..
Exchange ratesCurrency courses for today and tomorrow, as well as the history of the exchange rates of the Central Bank for 10 years. Dynamics of dollar and euros to the ruble on the schedule from the Forex market.
Exchange ratesExchange rates: Euro, rub, dollar, hryvnia and others.
Dollar to ruble exchange rateDollar to ruble, euro and other currencies - tenge, hryvnia and pr. Purchase price, sales, last quotation time. Courses, graphics speaker currency pairs.
Ruble to Euro exchange rateLast ruble exchange rate to euro, dollar, hryvnia, Belarusian ruble and to other currencies, as well as archive of currency exchange rates to the ruble Central Bank.

The exchange rate of the euro to the ruble of the Central Bank**

Course C bank 13.08.2022, in rub
dollar 60,8993
Euro 62,5355
lb. 74,4555
Yena 100 45,6688
franc 64,7245
Canadsk. dollar 47,7529
Australian. dollar 43,3725
Belarusian ruble 23,6337
per 10 hryvnia 16,5197
per 100 tenge 12,7492

Euro to dollar*

exchange rate to the dollar for a given minute

Today Sunday, 14 august, 2022 year

Euro from 05.07.2022 г


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Euro exchange rate on the 11:00 05.07.2022 14.08.2022 Exchange, GMT+3

Euro Euro 06.07.2022The next course of Euro

currency / Euro or 1 EUR / currency
1Australian Dollar - 0.6685 Euro1 € =1.4960AUD
1Azerbaijan Manat - 0.5721 Euro1 € =1.7479AZN
1British Pound Sterling - 1.1785 Euro1 € =0.8486GBP
100Armenia Dram - 0.2387 Euro1 € =419.0124AMD
1Belarussian Ruble - 0.3649 Euro1 € =2.7406BYN
1Brazil Real - 0.1834 Euro1 € =5.4530BRL
10Hong Kong Dollar - 1.2416 Euro1 € =8.0539HKD
10Danish Krone - 1.3669 Euro1 € =7.3161DKK
1US Dollar - 0.9726 Euro1 € =1.0282USD
100Russian rub - 1.6622 eur1 € =60.1618RUB
100Indian Rupee - 1.2359 Euro1 € =80.9158INR
100Kazakhstan Tenge - 0.2095 Euro1 € =477.2473KZT
1Canadian Dollar - 0.7559 Euro1 € =1.3230CAD
100Kyrgyzstan Som - 1.2234 Euro1 € =81.7419KGS
10Moldova Lei - 0.5084 Euro1 € =19.6707MDL
1Polish Zloty - 0.2110 Euro1 € =4.7383PLN
1Romanian Leu - 0.2022 Euro1 € =4.9444RON
1SDR - 1.2934 Euro1 € =0.7731XDR
1Singapore Dollar - 0.6965 Euro1 € =1.4358SGD
10Turkish Lira - 0.5786 Euro1 € =17.2826TRY
1New Turkmenistan Manat - 0.2779 Euro1 € =3.5987TMT
10000Uzbekistan Sum - 0.8975 Euro1 € =11,142.2708UZS
10Ukrainian Hryvnia - 0.3292 Euro1 € =30.3808UAH
10Czech Koruna - 0.4109 Euro1 € =24.3354CZK
10Swedish Krona - 0.9365 Euro1 € =10.6779SEK
1Swiss Franc - 1.0087 Euro1 € =0.9914CHF
1000South Korean Won - 0.7480 Euro1 € =1,336.9675KRW

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Dynamics of the euro against the ruble, forex market, for a week

Euro to ruble, chart according to forex market data
Update the graph of the dynamics of the euro ruble exchange rate at this moment
Euro to ruble exchange rate forex market

Which exchange rates are right for you?

* Dollar exchange rate seven days a week against euro, ruble, etc.. currencies - these are the freshest courses, constantly changing many times a minute as a result of forex transactions on weekdays. Difference between buying and selling (bid и ask) on the currency exchange is very small (usd / eur - less 0,001 $), therefore, often only the average value between buy and sell or the rate of the last transaction is indicated. Course times are often quoted. In a few seconds, the course can jump and come back, so the course differs slightly on different sites and from different sources.. Suitable for exchange offices, for currency transactions, merchants. This course is often laid down in currency calculators. Most likely this dollar rate - what you need.

** Exchange rates to the ruble of the Central Bank – official exchange rates of the dollar, euro and currencies against the ruble. Central Bank rates used for special purposes mainly by financial state institutions (state reporting, accounting and bookkeeping) and etc. Most often indicated in informers on websites, rather displays the rate of yesterday. Sometimes it is indicated- "euro exchange rate for tomorrow" - the dollar exchange rate on the next working day, which becomes known "today" closer to noon in Moscow. Do not use the exchange rate of the Central Bank if you do not know exactly what it is..

*** The exchange rate of the euro to the dollar, ruble, etc.. currencies on the currency exchange - this is the latest data, it changes every second, during forex working hours. The time of the transaction on the market is indicated. The difference between buying and selling on the currency exchange is very small, so often only the average rate between buying and selling or the rate of the last transaction is indicated. For "private traders", merchants, this course is often laid down in currency converters. Most often it is this euro exchange rate you are interested.

See also descriptions of dollar rates here:

**** Forecast for exchange rates - analysts assumptions about the dynamics of the dollar, euro, etc.. currencies. Forecasts, news, studying the dynamics of exchange rates on charts allow you to make good money on the currency exchange. Attention, this is associated with risk. Trade currencies via the Internet with brokers, forex dealing centers. It is enough to have a small amount for trading, about 100 - 1000 dollars.

Dollar to Euro for today

Is the collapse of the euro close ?

The whole world needs the euro, and euro exchange rate will be calm for a long time.  Euro depreciation occurs, but only slightly. The same real estate sometimes shows a significant drop in real prices, and more than the euro.

Make money on Forex at exchange rates

Another moment - countries regulate rate against the euro for more profitable imports / exports to the Eurozone, which can add competitiveness to goods produced for export.

Euro exchange rate and oil

Many countries - oil exporters are also dependent on the euro exchange rate, since the Eurozone - major importer of oil and gas. As a result, enough euros have accumulated in these countries, which adds to the dependence of the currency on the euro exchange rate..


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