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Euro exchange rate 2022.05.18 Central Bank

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Today Wednesday, 18 May, 2022 year


Euro ruble forecast (according to technical analysis)

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Ruble rates for 18.05.2022 Central Bank

Euro euro on the eveEuro exchange rate 17.05.2022

1AUD - 44.52 р1Australia dollar exchange rate 44,5244 ruble
1AZN - 37.38 р1Azerbaijan Manat 37,3781 ruble
1GBP - 77.84 р1British Pound Sterling 77,8399 ruble
100AMD - 13.97 р100Armenia Dram 13,9697 ruble
1BYN - 25.27 р1Belarussian Ruble 25,2655 ruble
10HKD - 81.09 р10Hong Kong Dollar 81,0909 ruble
1USD - 63.54 р1Dollar rate 63,5428 ruble
1EUR - 66.36 р1Euro rate 66,3644 ruble
100KZT - 14.79 р100Kazakhstan Tenge 14,7922 ruble
1CAD - 49.30 р1Canadian Dollar 49,3038 ruble
100KGS - 77.23 р100Kyrgyzstan Som 77,2269 ruble
10CNY - 94.47 р10China Yuan 94,4705 ruble
10MDL - 33.41 р10Moldova Lei 33,4133 ruble
1PLN - 14.41 р1Polish Zloty 14,4085 ruble
1XDR - 84.70 р1SDR 84,7038 ruble
1SGD - 45.69 р1Singapore Dollar 45,6879 ruble
10TJS - 50.85 р10Tajikistan Ruble 50,8546 ruble
10TRY - 40.79 р10Turkish Lira 40,7904 ruble
1TMT - 18.16 р1New Turkmenistan Manat 18,1551 ruble
10000UZS - 56.91 р10000Uzbekistan Sum 56,9132 ruble
10UAH - 21.51 р10Ukrainian Hryvnia 21,5053 ruble
10CZK - 26.80 р10Czech Koruna 26,8011 ruble
1CHF - 63.77 р1Swiss Franc 63,7724 ruble
100JPY - 49.13 р100Japanese Yen 49,1285 ruble


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The exchange rate of the euro to the ruble of the Central Bank

The exchange rate of the euro to the ruble of the Central Bank
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Market rate of the euro to the ruble

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Ruble to Euro exchange rate
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Euro exchange rate

* Euro forex market rates - the most accurate, most recent courses, changing constantly, many times a minute, around the clock on weekdays. Often only the average value between buy and sell or the rate of the last deal, the time of the deal on the market is indicated. On different sites and from different sources, the market rate of the ruble differs slightly. These euro rates are suitable for use in most cases.

** Euro exchange rate Central Bank, official. Issuance of securities (state reporting, accounting and bookkeeping) and etc. Often included in the ruble exchange rate informers on websites. The concept is used - "euro Central Bank rate for today".

*** Market rates of the euro on forex against the dollar - these are also the latest courses at the moment, very often change at auctions on weekdays. Often, only the average value between buy and sell or the rate of the last transaction is indicated.. These euro rates are the most accurate at the moment..:


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