Ruble to dollar exchange rate 25.11.2022

Ruble to dollar exchange rate

Ruble rates for 25.11.2022 Central Bank

Currency exchange rate to ruble, c. bank
Currency Courses according to Central Bank.
The last issuance of the Central Bank on 26.11.2022 г
dollar to ruble exchange rate 60,4797
euro to ruble rate 62,8762
pound to ruble 73,4345
Yen to the ruble for 100 43,5012
franc to ruble 63,9794
Canadian dollar 45,3439
Australian dollar 40,9750
Belarusian ruble exchange rate 25,0320
Grivna course 10 16,3760
Course Tenge For 100 12,9799

Today Sunday, 27 November, 2022 year


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Ruble rates for 25.11.2022 Central Bank

Ruble exchange rate on the eveRuble s exchange rate 24.11.2022Ruble s exchange rate 26.11.2022ruble exchange rates

Ruble exchange rate to dollar, euro and dd Currency Central Bank
Ruble s exchange rateCurrency / Ruble s exchange rate
1GBP - 72.86 р1British Pound Sterling 72,8564 rub
1BYN - 25.00 р1Belarussian Ruble 25,0038 rub
1BGN - 31.88 р1Bulgarian lev 31,8781 rub
1BRL - 11.20 р1Brazil Real 11,1978 rub
100HUF - 15.18 р100Hungarian Forint 15,1813 rub
10DKK - 83.84 р10Danish Krone 83,8365 rub
1USD - 60.39 р1Ruble 60,3866 rub
1EUR - 62.78 р1Ruble to Euro rate 62,7814 rub
100INR - 73.97 р100Indian Rupee 73,9728 rub
1CAD - 45.09 р1Canadian Dollar 45,0915 rub
10MDL - 31.33 р10Moldova Lei 31,3332 rub
10NOK - 60.63 р10Norwegian Krone 60,6297 rub
1RON - 12.74 р1Romanian Leu 12,7425 rub
1XDR - 79.04 р1SDR 79,0376 rub
10TJS - 59.14 р10Tajikistan Ruble 59,1446 rub
10TRY - 32.43 р10Turkish Lira 32,4258 rub
1TMT - 17.25 р1New Turkmenistan Manat 17,2533 rub
10000UZS - 53.81 р10000Uzbekistan Sum 53,8080 rub
10UAH - 16.35 р10Ukrainian Hryvnia 16,3509 rub
10CZK - 25.60 р10Czech Koruna 25,5973 rub
10SEK - 57.88 р10Swedish Krona 57,8820 rub
1CHF - 64.03 р1Swiss Franc 64,0299 rub
10ZAR - 35.60 р10S.African Rand 35,5986 rub
1000KRW - 45.47 р1000South Korean Won 45,4650 rub
100JPY - 43.46 р100Japanese Yen 43,4592 rub


ruble exchange rates 2 day earlier dates 23.11.2022

Ruble courses to dollar, ruble to euro

Ruble to dollar rates

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Dynamics of the ruble euro exchange rate per week, forex market

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Ruble to Euro exchange rate

Ruble to dollar, euro and other currencies

* Market rates of the ruble forex - the most accurate, most recent courses, changing constantly, many times a minute, around the clock on weekdays. Often only the average value between buy and sell or the rate of the last deal, the time of the deal on the market is indicated. On different sites and from different sources, the market rate of the ruble differs slightly. These ruble rates are suitable for use in most cases..

** Ruble to dollar exchange rate Central Bank, official. The issuance of securities is used for special purposes (state reporting, accounting and bookkeeping) and etc. Often included in the informers of the ruble rates on websites, but does not display the current market rate of the ruble. The concept is used - "ruble to dollar exchange rate for today", but this does not correspond to the current market exchange rate of the ruble.

*** Market rates of the ruble to the euro on Forex - these are also the latest courses at the moment, very often change at auctions on weekdays. Often, only the average value between buy and sell or the rate of the last transaction is indicated..

See also descriptions of ruble exchange rates:

Fall of the ruble?

Once the ruble, like many other currencies, was backed by gold, which made the ruble exchange rate quite stable, and deposits and savings in the ruble - were reliable capital. Today ruble exchange rate supported by various financial mechanisms of the state, the main purpose of which is - do not let the ruble fall or rise sharply. As a result, the ruble has been experiencing a slight drawdown in real prices for many years and is stable against a basket of world currencies..

Anything can happen against the backdrop of competition between currencies and the ruble. The collapse of the ruble is impossible quietly. The ruble will pull in many currencies and economies of countries that are linked to the ruble.

Rates of the ruble, dollar and other currencies

Today Ruble s exchange rate depends on government policy, crises, imports and exports, on the stability of other currencies and especially the euro and dollar.

Despite the moderate dollar exchange rate, wise investors have learned to store and increase capital, using not only the dollar, but also other significant currencies, including the euro and the ruble.. However, in the basket of currencies of investors and private holders, the dollar still significantly predominates..


1 USD Sun, 27 Nov 2022 GMT equals Sun, 27 Nov 2022 09:30:53 GMT

1 USD 2022-11-27 equals

  • ARS 165.306735
  • AWG 1.8
  • BGN 1.879
  • BTC 6.0485273E-5
  • BTS 132.38018913
  • BZD 2.014854
  • CDF 2053
  • CNH 7.19404
  • CUP 25.75
  • CVE 106.375
  • DZD 138.25696

  • EGP 24.534075
  • ISK 140.84
  • JEP 0.827062
  • KWD 0.307253
  • KYD 0.832965
  • LBP 1515.037738
  • LTC 0.012999675
  • MKD 59.209321
  • MRU 38.08
  • NXT 369.059921212
  • SDG 569.5

  • SOS 568.5
  • STD 22823.990504
  • STN 23.75
  • THB 35.690623
  • TRY 18.590432
  • WST 2.793855
  • XAF 629.849742
  • XDR 0.743991
  • XMR 0.0080009049
  • XPF 114.582308
  • XPT 0.00101627

Ruble exchange rate in crisis

In an economic crisis, the eyes of the capitalists turn to the ruble. The ruble at this time is somewhat in demand and is supported by the financial mechanisms of the state. The ruble exchange rate at such a moment is very similar to the dynamics of the gold rate, and the ruble exchange rate during the crisis is somewhat inflated in price.

Gold occupies a special place in investments and savings, and it was believed that gold would never let an investor down in order to save capital. However, the reliability of gold and the ruble in times of crisis leads to overstated demand, which leads to an inflated price of gold and the ruble..   



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