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Russian oil price chart Ural. Ural oil price rate for half a year.. How the ruble depends on oil on the chart. Russian oil price Ural, chart. How much does oil cost Urals online. Dollar ruble and oil on one chart

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Ural oil price

Today Sunday, 26 Martha, 2023 year


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Oil price chart and ruble dependence on oil

(Russian oil price Urals comes from the price of oil Brent *)

Brent oil prices,    MICEX and RTS Index- general dynamics of the Russian economy.


Oil grades

Of oil prices WTI, Brent и Dubai prices are formed for all the others, where the price of the variety Urals - Ural oil from Russia is based on the price Brent.
The prices of different grades are different due to the properties of the oil..


Russian oil "Ural" (Urals Crude Oil)

Urals - mixture of heavy oil with light Western Siberia, mined in Khanty-Mansiysk JSC, Bashkortostan and Tatarstan and supplied to Europe. Oil producers Urals - Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazprom Neft and Tatneft. Oil Urals traded on the Russian stock exchange. On New - York Stock Exchange NYMEX "Ural" almost did not trade and the exchange stopped working with him.


More oil is traded in Europe Brent - a mixture of crude oil from several oil fields in the North Sea. Brent - classification of sweet light oil and serves as a price reference for oil purchases around the world. It is called the lung of - for its low density and sweet out - for its low sulfur content and it is used to determine the price of international trade in the supply of crude oil.
There are more "easy" - West Texas Intermediate (WTI). Brent contains approximately 0,37% sulfur, which is slightly more than WTI.

Brent used for the production of gasoline and diesel fuel and is traded on the International Petroleum Exchange in London and other exchanges. One contract is 1000 barrels, in US dollars.
This oil was produced in an oil field Brent, which belongs to the UK, from which the name of oil comes, is traded very actively and is in great demand.

Oil WTI - Light

WTI (Light) - easy oil and is suitable for the production of gasoline and fuels, is in demand in the USA and this grade is considered a high grade oil. There is a heavier and more sulfurous variety. OPEC Basket. WTI was originally a dollar more expensive than Brent и OPEC Basket and mined in Canada and North America.

Oil of the Arab Emirates - Dubai Crude and Oman

In the United Arab Emirates, oil is produced Dubai Crude and Oman grade oil.

Oil price chart 26.03.2023



Ural oil price
Ural oil price dynamics chart. Price chart - Ural oil for 10 years. Latest oil prices and prices Light online 26.03.2023
A decrease in oil by several dollars a barrel threatens Russia with big problems. Increase in energy production led to a drop in oil prices. Developed countries course-of importers is aimed at reducing import dependence and provides support for such projects. Russia plans to keep the production of energy resources at the current level.

Brent (ICE.Brent)

The graph of the dynamics of the oil price rate for six months. Ural oil price