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Курс валют ЦБ. Курсы валют ЦБ. Евро рубль. Евро к рублю июль, 2021

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Currency rates to ruble, Central Bank

Currency rates of the Central Bank 29.07.2021
XDR 104,6136
dollar/ruble rate 73,6088
euro/ruble exchange rate 86,9173
pound to ruble 102,0954
yen to ruble for 100 66,9414
franc to ruble 80,4468
Canadian dollar 58,5079
Australian dollar 54,0730
Belarusian ruble rate 29,1948
UAH rate for 10 27,4145
tenge rate per 100 17,2813
Валюта курс

Today Wednesday, 28 Jul, 2021 y


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Валюта курс 28.07.2021

Валюта курс
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